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I am a Naturopathic physician, and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) practitioner. I am intuitive, empathic, and clairvoyant. I have been a prophetic dreamer since childhood. I meditate, do yoga, and have a strong connection to nature. I was fortunate to have a mother who was a Reiki master and Shiatsu practitioner. I had my first experience with energy healing when I was in college, and shortly after learned how to do it myself. I have been an avid student of philosophy, spirituality, metaphysical and esoteric concepts for the last 20 years. I have always had a strong desire to understand what is going on within the universe and also within the “little universes” of our bodies.

I have been practicing natural medicine in Arizona for over 10 years. My passion is to help people learn to live healthy, happy lives. After years of practice, I became increasingly aware of the connection between the mind and the body. Learning first hand that we ARE creating our own realities. We all have an infinite source of power within us. We can use this for our benefit or for our detriment. It up to us, and the decisions we make. My goal is to help others learn to connect with this source. This is accomplished through personal work, mediation, and simple listening.

I started this blog to share with you what I have learned both personally and professionally, in hopes it will help you along your path of self-discovery and growth.

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